Full Service Stump Grinding Removal and Lawn Restoration

Watch out for discount stump removal companies, they will leave a little mount in your yard that makes it hard to mow over and/or impossible to plant something new in the same spot. We are thorough, precise and go deeper and wider where possible, when we are done you won’t even know there was a tree there.

There are four main steps to a quality stump removal.

#1 Call Diggers Hotline

To safely remove a stump, we must call Diggers Hotline to mark the underground utilities (cable, phone, fiber internet, gas, power lines, etc).

Diggers Hotline takes about a week to mark the utilities on your property and may send several different crews at different times to mark different utilities.

This is extremely important, phone and cable lines may only be several inches under ground. Stumps within 24 inches of a marked utility may not be able to be removed. Diggers Hotline does not mark private lines (electric lines to light poles, garages, sheds, outdoor lighting, gas lines to pools, leach beds, lawn sprinklers, etc).

Once the utilities are marked, the date can be set and the job can be started.

#2 Stump Grinding

The stump must be under 10 inches in height. If the stump is over 10 inches in height, the stump must be cut down to 2-4 inches above the ground. All rocks, concrete, pavers, metal edging, outdoor lights, gnomes, etc. must be removed from the area as they can damage the cutting head. Any plants that you want to keep should be removed as well.

Our new stump grinder makes fast work of even the toughest stumps, most are removed in under an hour. Our powerful and versatile machine can get to nearly any stump and  fits through gates as small as 36 inches.

#3 Debris Removal

After grinding the stump we use a small tracked skid loader to dig out and remove the leftover wood chips without damaging the surrounding lawn. These wood chips are then hauled away to a composting facility where they are recycled into compost.

#4 Lawn Restoration

After the wood chips are removed, we can fill in the hole with topsoil, compacting the soil as we go, to reduce setting. Finishing off the job with premium grass seed and chopped straw, all you have to do is water it.

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